Wednesday specialty classes are cancelled due to “LoveDay.” If you do not celebrate love-day feel free to do CrossFit, SuperFit, and QuickFit!



Deadlift 8-8-8

*8 minutes to work up to heavy 8 over 3 sets. Warm up well to your first set of 8, all 3 sets should be challenging.

Ex: 225,225,225 is much better than doing 135,185,245.

At no point should this feel like an 8 rep max! 8 moderate heavy reps is very different from an 8 rep max, especially on your nervous system.


For Time:

150 Wall Balls

25 Double Unders to start workout and EMOM until 150 Wall Ball reps are completed.


10 Minute Alternating EMOM

Evens:  12 American KBSwings

Odds: 10 2-arm KB Sumo DL


For Time:

150 Wall Balls

30 Single jump ropes to start workout and EMOM until 150 Wall Ball reps are completed. We are not scaling the DU higher due to time, it would consume nearly the entire minute doing 3:1 singles: doubles.



PM 4:30

Cardio-Respiratory Endurance (nothing fancy)

15 minute bike followed by 15 minutes ski, for total calories!

GYMNASTICS (5:30 & 6:30PM)

– Weighted pull up 2-2-2-2 (as heavy as possible)

-Weighted dip 2-2-2-2 (heavy singles, not as heavy as possible)


4 rounds for quality:

15 Strict HSPU (scale as needed to finish each set in under 3 attempts) (add deficit if needed, make these challenging!)

10 Tempo Ring Rows (nice and slow, 4-5 seconds on the eccentric “lowering” portion)


Warm Up (stretch)

2 rounds

:30 pigeon pose e/s +10 air squats

:30 dragon e/s +10 air squats

Then: 1:00 couch stretch each side.

Workout of the day:

15  minute AMRAP

15 Right arm DB curls

30 Sit Ups

15 Left arm DB curls

1:00 hollow body bold


Salt-cured pickles, or “brine pickles are healthier and more flavorful than canned vinegar pickles. Pickles can be great, but pickles with preservatives and yellow 5 food coloring are NOT GREAT. Quality pickles come with a quality price, either pay the price or skip the pickles, that’s what I say!

Eggs: Always cook eggs on low heat, this prevents the proteins from being “messed up”. High heat causes oxidative stress to the eggs and makes them not as great as they can be. You want your eggs to be all they can be for you, so buy PASTURE free range eggs, they are packed with more vitamin A, D, and E plus more omega 3s than conventional eggs.  I’ve done the egg test (crack open two different brands of eggs) on many different brands comparing them to Ryan Walker and the Schneider’s eggs & I can say Vital Farms is the only brand I’ve found with the same GOLDEN yolk that the farm eggs have. So if you can’t find farm fresh eggs with golden yolks, go with Vital Farms! They make great grass-fed butter as well.