We are running through two of the Bring the Heat workouts. It seems like a lot but it’s just explaining the movement standards. If you are competing run through it EXACTLY like it will be done Saturday.  

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The Cambro Ball Out Presented by Cambro ApparelINTERMEDIATE and SCALED only (If you are doing PRO, do not do this part)

2 Minute AMRAP

Max Ball Over Shoulder

INT 70/50

SCALED 50/35

This will lead into the Red Lion Ladder after a 1 minute transition.

Athletes will start standing on mat, on go one athlete will step in and perform as many Ball over Shoulder as desired then tag athlete two to do the same. Athletes can tag in and out however they want to accumulate as many reps as possible in 2 minutes. Non working athlete will always be on mat.

Ball Over Shoulder: Athlete will stand over ball bringing it up to top of shoulder. It can roll over shoulder or be caught on top of shoulder but contact must be made. Throwing over or around shoulder without making contact will be a no rep. Turning before ball is coming off of shoulder or contacting shoulder on side and not top will be a no rep.


Bring the Heat Workout (Partner)

Red Lion Ladder presented by Red Lion Wear


Snatch (PRO and INT)

Ground to Over Head (SCALED)

36 Set: PRO 135/85, INT 95/65, SCALED 75/35

24 Set: PRO 165/105, INT 115/75, SCALED 85/45

12 Set: PRO 185/120, INT 135/85, SCALED 95/65

8 Minute cap

Bar will start loaded at starting weight. On go first athlete will step in and perform however many reps they like tag athlete two to do the same back and forth however they like until 36 reps are completed. Then both athletes can help load the bar to the weight for the next set and complete the 24 reps switching as desired. Then they will load final weight and complete final 12 reps. Event is done when last rep is completed.

PRO and INTERMEDIATE must snatch the bar, either power or squat. Upward motion of the barbell stopping before getting overhead will be a no rep. SCALED can snatch or clean and jerk. Non working plates must be on sides of platform at all time. If bar bounces off of mats it must be brought back onto mats before next rep is completed. Any body part besides the feet touching the mat during the lift will be a no rep. Stepping off of the platform will be a no rep. If incomplete one second will be added to 8 minutes for each rep no completed.

INTERMEDIATE and SCALED will perform The Cambro Ball Out, rest one minute, and then complete the Red Lion Ladder.
Take plenty of rest and then complete:
The Ascent AMRAP presented by Ascent Protein
10 Minute for As Many Reps as Possible – Leap Frog Style

14 Wall Ball (PRO 30/14, INT 20/14, SCALED 14/10)

12 KB Hang to Overhead (PRO 55/35, INT 55/35, SCALED 35/25)

10 Toe to Bar (Wall Ball Sit Ups SCALED)

Both athletes will start behind mats, on go Athlete One will step in and perform 14 Wall Ball then tag Athlete Two who will perform 12 KB Snatches or Clean and Jerks. After those are complete they will tag Athlete 1 who will complete 10 Toe to Bar/Sit Ups, when complete they will tag Athlete Two who will start the next round at the Wall Ball and so on for as many rounds and reps as can be completed in 10 minutes.

During this workout non working athlete will stay behind mats until tagged on each transition.

Wall Ball: Wall Ball will be performed to a 10 ft target. Athlete must control ball through the bottom of a squat and then hit the target with ball to complete the rep. Not squatting to depth and not hitting target will be no reps. Ball may be caught off of bounce as long as it is in controlled position going down into the squat.

Kettlebell Overhead: This may be completed as either a Snatch or a Clean and Jerk. The first rep may go from ground all the way over head, after that it only needs to come down between the legs to full arm extension to begin next rep. To finish each rep kettlebell must be resting on top of arm while arm is locked out over shoulder and legs and hips are at extension. When complete kettlebell must be set down on flat bottom, dropping the kettlebell or swinging it down where it lands on its side will be a no rep.

Toe to Bar: Toe to Bars will be performed with athlete hanging to extension from bar, bringing their feet behind the bar they are holding onto and then touching both feet to that bar at the same time. Any part of foot hitting bar is acceptable. Each lane will have two different height bars and either may be used.

Wall Ball Sit Up: For Wall Ball Sit up in the Scaled division athlete will sit cross legged take ball over head to touch the mat then come up and touch the mat on other side of legs. Ball must stay away from body during movement, no rolling or resting ball on body during movement. Each round after wall ball athlete will bring ball to mat and when going to wall ball station will grab ball from mat.



Workout 1: do ball over shoulder: then complete the ladder with DB Snatches! 

Workout 2: do the scaled version.