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Do you watch TV, use your phone, or play on your computer before bed? If so, you are likely decreasing the amount of deep sleep you get each night and prolonging your sleep latency! Just because you think you are asleep, does not mean you are getting QUALITY sleep! Ex: being passed out (drunk) is not deep sleep… but you are certainly OUT.

Make sure you are adequately hydrated! A simple google search will land you on a site advising you NOT to drink water before bed because it may wake you up at night… OK, it takes less than a few minutes to pee if that does happen, and you will get much deeper sleep if properly hydrated! I recommend and personally drink 160z of water with magnesium added to it before bed every night.

Turn off all lights in the room (even the little red and green ones from devices)!

Wear the blue light blocking- (aka: birth control goggles) 1 hour prior to bed, I promise they help! I’m not getting paid to post this link…

Birth Control Goggles

Use a sleep app or box fan to create some “white noise”.  An awkwardly silent room is not how the earth sounds.