The practice of earthing may have benefits such as:

Reduced inflammation.

Reduced chronic pain.

Increased energy.

Improved sleep cycles.

Decreased stress levels and muscle tension.

Improved biological rhythms – including the circadian rhythm.

Increased body healing.

Earthing is when your body connects with the earth and an electron transfer occurs. Self regulation is something that can be influenced by earthing. The Earth’s energy neutralizes the free radicals in your body and allows neutrality to take place. Your body can then self regulate, self heal and rejuvenate itself with aid of the earth’s healing power. One of the best ways to practice earthing or grounding is to walk barefoot on the earth as our bare skin is conductive. Our feet have a high amount of nerve endings which are needed for electron transfer to occur. During the summer months children often have more opportunity to practice earthing or grounding as they spend a greater amount of time outside barefoot.

Another way we can practice earthing is to touch the earth as much as possible. Building sand castles, making tree forts, helping in the garden, swimming in the lake or ocean are all ways we can be exposed to the earth’s healing energy. Sitting or walking on the concrete is another way to connect to the ground as concrete is moist and conductive. The more extensive and longer periods of time we spend touching the earth, the greater the benefits, which in turn encourages self regulation.

Some earthing ideas:

Build a rock mat and walk on it for 2-3 minutes every few days

Let your children play outside barefoot, especially on the playground. Don’t “baby” their feet. The earthing effects also help build fine motor skills. The highest rate of motor development is completed before the age of 6, so this time is vital!

Embrace your seasonal elements!

Summer=workout in the heat.

Winter= workout in the cold.