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March 2018



EARTHING The practice of earthing may have benefits such as: Reduced inflammation. Reduced chronic pain. Increased energy. Improved sleep cycles. Decreased stress levels and muscle tension. Improved biological rhythms – including the circadian rhythm. Increased body healing. Earthing is when your body connects with the earth and an electron transfer occurs. Self regulation is something [...]


February 2018

Cholesterol + The Scoop on Statins


Cholesterol Fix (once you are high) No fried foods! Cook with water. Yep. No added sodium or preservatives NO added sugars. Fruit only. Eat sprouted oatmeal but cut out ALL other grains! Add more omega 3s wild caught fish chia seeds hemp hearts Add antioxidants to every meal. The reasons behind cholesterol are sometimes deeper [...]

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DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS We will not have classes Friday PM during the open! Come in to knock out 18.1 and cheer on the Annihilators! You do not have to be signed up for the open to come do the workout!




DAILY "STUFF" We are going to beat a dead horse... Don't be the CF Open Scrooge... Sign up @  AND ENTER YOUR SCORES EACH WEEK! LONGEVITY PROGRAM A contrast shower is simple. All you do is alternate between hot and cold water. The hot water dilates your blood vessels and increases blood circulation, and [...]




THE DAILY NEWS Beyond the Whiteboard is live! You must create an account to view the WODs!  This is FREE for all active members! The more you use the APP, the more quality data it will feed you/us! Non-Members can view all programming for $7.99 per month. Please email for payment options and access [...]




CROSSFIT/SUPERFIT 10 rounds for time: 100 Meter Run 20 Alt. Jumping Lunges 30 Double Unders 4 Muscle Ups* *Sub: 8 Push Ups & 8 Jumping Pull-Ups- (no bands-keep HR high!)




DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS You have until Friday at midnight to order your CF OPEN baseball tees! We have men’s and women’s cuts! We will have a few extras but they will disappear quickly on a first come first serve basis! CROSSFIT With a partner: “Clusters= Squat Clean+ Thruster” 20@ 135/95 20@155/105 20@185/125 20@205/135 20@225/155 Followed [...]




DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS You have until Friday to order your CF OPEN baseball tees! We have men’s and women’s cuts! CROSSFIT & SUPERFIT "FGB Style" 3 Rounds 1:00 each -Assault Bike -Slam Balls (35/25) -C2B Pull Ups -Box Jumps (24/20) -Ring Dips 1:00 rest   QUICKFIT Warm Up: 3 rounds 10 halos each direction 5 [...]


Valentine’s Day


CROSSFIT "Valensday Especial" Warm Up (5 minute conga line METCON 4:00 AMRAP @90% 12 Power Snatch (75/55) 12 HSPU -4:00 rest- 4:00 AMRAP @90% 10 DB Power Clean and Jerk @50/35 10 Cal Row -4:00 rest- 4:00 AMRAP @90% 8 Lateral Over Bar Burpees 8 Jumping Lunges SUPERFIT “See Capacity WOD” CAPACITY (no class today, [...]

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