Dirty 30

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Front Squat 1 rep max 

“Whole Lota Tabatas”

8 rounds cycling through all exercises :20 work / :10 rest

KBSwings (53/35)

Toes to Bar

Goblet Squats (53/35)


Full Schedule 

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We are back to our regular schedule. Come get that junk out of you! 

For time: 


Deadlifts (275/185)

C2B Pull-Ups

-cardiac arrest finisher-

Assault Bike 

5 rounds

1:00 all out

1:00-2:00 rest 


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It’s the most crucial time of the year for you to stay consistent! Even if you make it one time this week that is better than ZERO. Two times this week is 6 times better than 1 time which is no less than 36 times better than ZERO sessions… Three times this week is a huge victory and I can promise your coaches will not miss any days this week! …… Better see you this week. 

*the above statements are mostly true. Only the majority of the statistics are made up. 

Strict Press


“4 rounds for time:”

50 double unders 

4 rope climbs 

—core finisher—

5 minute AMRAP

5 sit ups 

5 v-ups

10 super men 


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Friendsgiving Potluck at CFA is Sunday from noon until ??  There is a sign up sheet by the whiteboard so you can bring your favorite dish! 

5 rounds 

3:00 min AMRAP / 1:00 rest 

5 pull ups

10 push ups 

15 wall balls (20/14)


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CF Open 11.3

5 minute AMRAP

Clean & Jerk (165/110)

*Yes, unless it says power clean, there is a squat. So clean= “squat” clean. Since there is no such thing as a squat clean. However, there is such thing as a power clean, just not today. 


3×1000 meter rows for time : rest as needed

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