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The mission of CrossFit Annihilation is to create an unrivaled fitness community through excellent coaching and a healthy way of life.    


Annihilators have a social lifestyle unique from all other humans. They workout in groups (AKA: Pride), yelling at each other to finish daunting tasks. The high decibel music cannot drown out the roar of the grunting, groaning, and weight dropping that commences daily. While outsiders commonly refer to the annihilators as crazy, they embrace the suck, knowing that each and every task opens up a new door. The pride extends far beyond a workout; it means that we are accepting of everyone despite their differences, and supportive of all who join us in pursuit of improved health and fitness. In the pride, there is no end in sight, for every annihilator has excepted this way of life and looks forward to passing it on to each new athlete (AKA: cub) that steps foot in the prideland.